After Cancer She Started Driving Uber, Using Tips to Make Sandwiches For the Homeless–Now a 24-yo Rider is Her BFF

Not only does Kerry Wiles hold down a full-time job as a scientist; on weekends, she works as a ride-share driver who uses her fares and tips to make meals for Tennessee’s homeless community.

Kerry began her side gig with Lyft and Uber after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018. She loves people, and thought the job could be a great way to know the stories of others.

Along the way, she began using her ride-share earnings to make lunches for the city’s large and growing homeless population.

As she drives people around the city, on Saturdays and Sundays she’s able to drop off homemade PB&Js to around 100 homeless people.

These days, this is no one-woman sandwich delivery operation. Early on in her side gig as a driver, Kerry—who works Mondays to Fridays as a scientist at the Cooperative Human Tissue Network at Vanderbilt University Medical Center—gave a lift to a 24-year-old local named Ryan Caldwell.

“Without sounding too ‘quirky’, he just has an amazing ‘aura’,” Kerry tells GNN. “When you meet him, his kindness and charisma immediately puts you at ease. When he said he wanted to help deliver lunches with me, I knew he was sincere.”
Caldwell felt just the same way. “She’s been my best friend since we started,” he told News Channel 5.

Now the friendly pair go out delivering turkey rolls together.

“If anyone out there needs a young man to be a role model, he is it,” says Kerry.
The world definitely needs more ‘Ryans!’”

The two-person team are currently putting together a list of shoe sizes for the local homeless community so they can get them boots for winter.
To learn more about the initiatives the kind pair have taken on, head to Nashville Homeless Helpers.

This isn’t the first time Kerry has gone out of her way to help others. We wrote about the ‘secret society’ initiative she founded to help struggling kids back in 2017.

For Kerry, helping others is no struggle. She says, “Small steps in a larger problem can make a beautiful impression on your heart and soul.”